YAMAHA HID Conversion Kit


Yamaha is well thought-out as one of the most varied companies. The primary upgrade to install on your Yamaha bikes or ATV must always be the Yamaha Hid Kit. The superfluous lighting at all times proves to be very versatile and helpful while travelling on or off road or tracks as well. As always, the American public is always on the look out for new escapades and ventures. Yamaha every time brings in a gush of relief and enthusiasm with upgraded tools. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, some people also prefer calling them Xenon Lights. Yamaha Hid Kit generates light that discharge a bluish tinge and they emerge from an electric arc inside a capsule loaded with xenon Gas.

Deeming the history of bike production, Yamaha is identified as one of the most sundry companies. The Yamaha hid conversion kit grants you with a custom-made Yamaha factory wiring connectors. It involves no modification to factory settings at all. There is no problem in setting up the Hid Headlights because you can easily remove it or rescale it anytime you want. The result is 3X dazzling light than halogen lights. It grants you 3 times brighter light and its longevity is around 10 times longer than the usual halogen lights. The technology progression in the ballasts system makes it capable of emitting a stable 35 Watt output for the Hid headlights while only consuming 3.4 A of energy. It is even eco-friendly and the energy of the bike’s battery is utilized less, thus escalating and advancing the other systems on the bike. Riding a Yamaha bike at night gets safer and more intriguing due to the extra lightings that are provided via the Yamaha Hid headlights.

The Hid conversion kit for Yamaha is of paramount quality. They are full on 100 percent weather as well as water resistant. This provides you the sovereignty to ride without any fear in any weather condition the nature endows you with. Everything is present in the conversion kit. All that you need to convert your bike to HID’s the Hid bulbs, wiring harness and ballasts. They are constructed by the industry’s leading experts along with 1 year manufacturer warranty to shun you away from any further troubles.

The mechanical specification of the Hid conversion kit comprises of the Yamaha Hid bulbs which consume 35 Watt and the output is 6000k Xenon bulb for Yamaha Rhinos. It draws around 3.4 Amp’s from the battery and the input voltage needed for Hid is 9 to 16 Volts. For good operation, the electric ballast of 35 Watts is required. The output light of xenon-A is about 3X the lumens at the light source when evaluated with a 55 Watt halogen bulb. The next advantage is that, the Yamaha Hid bulbs produce light which is closer to natural sunlight, while, a halogen light seems more yellowish in color. This arrangement of whiter color and a superior light output allows a safer and a more enlightened ride.

This Yamaha Hid system drastically draws less power from your vehicles. As about the durability of the product, Yamaha’s Hid’s contain a much superior product life. The Yamaha Hid bulbs are designed to outlive even your vehicle. On an average, these bulbs last ten times more than a traditional halogen bulb. 


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