TRIUMPH HID Conversion Kit

Triumph motorcycles are known for their distinct style and classic designs.  The truly unique motorbikes have received rave reviews from bike lovers all around the world for their performance and looks.  It is one of the eldest bike companies operating in the world since 1885.  The bikes manufactured by Triumph are a sure shot head turner and incurs the envy of many other manufacturers.  The bike, when upgraded with the latest Triumph HID kits, stand out distinctively in the crowd.

The HID kits don't just accentuate the look of the bikes but also ensure complete safety on the part of the rider.  The light emitted by the Triumph bulbs can light up even the darkest of the roads clearly and vividly.  When compared with the ordinary Halogen bulbs, the HID kits provide three hundred percent more light.  Unlike the tungsten lights, the HID bulbs make use of xenon gas to light up the road ahead.  The intensity of the luminosity is incomparable and works well in all seasons, be it foggy weather or a heavy torrent.  The HID lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You need to choose the ideal one for your bike.  Installing Triumph HID bulbs does not involve much hassle and can be done in half an hour or so.  The best thing about these headlights is that they consume less power and hence lasts long.  You don’t need to replace them quiet often as they have a long battery life.

The headlights are all available from us here at, so you don’t need to hunt for them from one shop to another.  Some may be a bit pricey but the features provided by these lights are worth the expense.  A number of riders face fatal accidents while driving through dark alleys. The percentage of such cases can be reduced with better and more advanced lighting technologies.  The HiID kit is ideal for people who travel a lot during night time. The Triumph HID bulbs have two electrodes present in them.  The spark that flickers from the electrodes ignites the xenon gas present in the bulb resulting in bright illumination.  However, you should be careful while handling these bulbs. Unsecured connections and wires can lead to electrical hazards.

The light emitted by the HID bulbs can be compared to that of the daylight.  The light emitted by the kits comes in various color tinges depending on the temperature. The color is usually yellow when the temperature is about 3000k; white when temperature exceeds 4300k, bluish white when temp is around 8000k and purple when the temperature is 12000k.  The Triumph HID conversion kit implements all latest technologies to suit the requirements of the consumers.  The products come with a year’s warranty and you can get them replaced in case they do not function properly.  The HID headlights when installed on the façade of your motorbike give it a unique dimension altogether.  If you haven’t upgraded your new motorbike with the HID lights, it is time you do it to make sure to revitalize your bike. 


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