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The Triumpg Bonneville Hid Kits is practically a conversion kit that contains the entire essential component to change your halogen headlights into a better enhanced HID headlight. They have been proved to be more intense and dazzling than the average bulbs of the same rating. They enhance your visibility by about 70%, hence enabling you too see well even if the road ahead is dark and indistinct. They help you with a protected and safe ride and make your ride less traumatic.

There have been numerous innovatory concepts in the field of automobile and one of the finest one is Triumpg Bonneville Hid Headlights. They contain the HID technology where an electrical arc generates light for your vehicle. They are better known as xenon headlights as the light produced is 5 times brilliant and vivid than the halogen lights we get in the market. These headlights have an easily modifiable beam pattern which is attuned easily. The beams are more robust and big with high durability. .


The xenon Triumpg Bonneville Hid conversion kit helps you with higher compatibility both in voltage and wattage. They help in producing 300% more light than the normal lighting system. But although the light emitted is greater the cost is not very high. They are cost effective and suitable for environmental use as well. The bluish white generated ensures you with extra edge where protection is the primary concern.


The xenon Triumpg Bonneville Hid bulbs are not only good in producing bright light but at the same time is a very good shock absorber. They are highly lasting and resilient. They do not get harmed or debilitated by normal shocks which take place daily. They are consumer friendly and cost effective. They consume very less electricity and this helps in saving your money. Also the light produced is not very striking and this enables both you and the up coming driver too see each other clearly even if it is pitch dark.


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