Spyder HID Conversion Kit

The Spyder range of motorcycles is one of the latest inventions to take the transportation industry by storm.  There has been a mad rush among companies to come up with vehicles that can better the riding experience.  The Spyder roadster is the latest to join the bandwagon.

The manufacturer of this exclusive range of motorcycles is Bombardier Recreational Products who already is a name to reckon with in the transportation industry.  They have also been associated with the development of snowmobiles as well as watercrafts.  So this seems like a natural progression.  Its main endeavor is to tap the full potential and push the envelope when it comes to the riding experience.

Ever since it came into the market, there has been a lot of speculation about it.  It has also raised the curiosity level of the general public.  Everyone wants to have a taste of the experience that it promises to offer. The question that is uppermost on everyone’s mind is what is different about it? What is it that sets it apart from the rest?

The most striking thing about the bike is that it is a three-wheeler.  There are two wheels in the front and the third one is in the rear.  The V Twin engine that it boasts of adds a new dimension to the motorcycle.  It can be described as a convertible sports car simply in terms of the engine that it uses which has a power of around 990cc.

There are other additional attractions too.  The Vehicle Stability System is another thing to look forward to.  You can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.  For example, there are anti-lock brakes, and it can help you to a great extent if you need to come to a halt suddenly.  It ensures that you do not lose control over the bike when you suddenly apply the brakes. The system also includes within itself other features like stability control and traction control.  The stability control system actually tries to analyze the bike’s motion and aids you in case you are faced with an adverse situation.  It works by reducing the torque until the rider regains control over the bike.  This gives an intrinsic confidence to the rider, which allows you to feel more secure and safe.  The traction control system comes into play when you are unable to control the excessive spinning of the rear wheel.  It regulates it and optimizes the traction of the rear wheel.

They also ensure protection from any kind of theft, by having a specifically designed security system which is encoded digitally.  No matter how much you try, you cannot have access to the bike without entering the key which has the correct code.  You also have the advantage of having a two year warranty for almost all the parts.  You should only keep in mind that the warranty facility is not applicable to any of the wear parts such as the rear tire or the brakes.

The Spyder HID conversion kit or the HID headlights emit light that is almost three times that of a halogen bulb. The most amazing thing about the kit is that it is totally waterproof.  Even if you submerge the whole thing, it will continue to function with the same efficiency.


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