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Polaris Industries Inc. got incorporated in 1954 as Hatteen Hoist & Derric. After the journey at almost 50 years the international corporation has 3350 employees and approximately $1.50 billion of turnover per annum.  As a matter of fact the company has seen a lot of ups and downs in its growth.  After all these it is now the largest manufacturers of snowmobiles in the world.

In 1999 Polaris ‘Motorcycle Cruiser’ of Polaris recognized them “Cruiser of the Year”. In 1998 the company introduced Victory Motorcycles for the first time. The cruiser marketplace was booming well and Polaris Industries Inc. announced Victory motorcycles to add to its revenue.  It came up with its high end choppers to compete with the mighty Harley-Davidson. Starting from 992 cc the company presented the choppers industry, powerful engines with 1500 cc. Five-sped transmission, single overhead cams, hydraulic filters and fuel engines were the added features of these engines that got a lot of appreciation.

In 2002 Victory came up with a new engine named Freedom.  It had all the older qualities with the advantage of more powerful engine, rounded cylinders and smaller oil cooler.  2003 again had been a prospective year for the company.  The sleekly-styled Vegas hit the market to bag all the appraisals and became one of the best selling choppers of the year.  The bike featured an all new chassis, 992cc engine and a five stroke transmission.

Choppers are usually for passionate bikers who want to enjoy long drives.  Victory motorcycles are generally configured aligning all these factors. However, customer satisfaction has been the forte of the company.  For the night bikers, Victory motorcycle has added the new features of Polaris HID kits.  Polaris headlights have been a necessity for all the models of Victory motorcycles due to their high light emitting capabilities.  All the lovers of choppers have provided very good feedback to have Polaris HID conversion kit in their dream bikes.

The Kingpin was released in 2004 with the cartridge forks and the front and rear springs of the release are revised. The model had a farther revision considering the market demands. In 2006 it had an upgrade with a 1000cc engine and six-speed transmission.

As far as the market competition is concerned Harley-Davison has always been the competitor of Polaris.  Harley-Davison has been surpassed in some ways with the high style and competitive price of Polaris.  Because of the extensive marketing expansion of the company it has encompassed almost every potential markets.  The improvised and advanced features of each and every model earn the manufacturer more recognition in this field.

Polaris HID bulbs are one of these advanced features.  Like many other two-wheeler companies Polaris has improvised their technology to provide the customers better comfort.  This is one of those improvisations.  This kit has to pass through numerous strict quality controls.  The most stringent OEM specific test is applicable for each and every kit.  These kits are waterproof and you can even submerge the entire Polaris HID kit into water to test it.  It is guaranteed by the company that it will function correctly even after this.

Therefore, the bottom line confirms that Polaris is one of the leading two-wheeler producers in the world and it deserves to be in this position.

Polaris HID kits will make a huge difference in how you see the road.  Our selection of HID kits, HID Bulbs, Ballasts, LED bulbs, and relays are specifically designed to outperform anything else in the market.   With our wide selection of HID lights, you can choose the color temperature of your kit.  We offer Yellow, White, and Blue that will really make a huge difference in the looks and night time performance of your lights.   In addition to our HID Conversion Kits, we also have headlights, LED tail Lights, and other parts that will light up the road like never before.  Our specially trained team of lighting experts will send the correct Kit for your Polaris.



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