Buell Hid Conversion Kit

American motorcycle manufacturer Buell has a lot of pedigree going for it.  Chief among them is the company was founded by Erik Buell, an engineer with the iconic Harley-Davidson moniker.

It first partnered with Harley-Davidson in 1993, a relationship that lasted until 2009, when the former decided to discontinue the Buell line and focus its efforts on the Harley-Davidson range.  However, Buell still lives on in the form of Erik Buell Racing.  Bike racing is where Buell has made its mark and its products are associated with high performance and racy good looks.  It is after all America’s first homegrown racing bike.

Most accidents involving motorcycles take place at night and that is because headlights are not powerful enough to be seen by other traffic or for the rider to see obstacles ahead of him or her.  With Buell HID headlights the road ahead is totally lit up allowing riders to reach their destination in safety.

They are also available online and can be delivered to you in a mere 48 hours.  You can fit Buell HID bulbs on to your bikes which will allow for easy riding in the dark and when conditions outside are gloomy and forbidding.  Proper headlights on your bike are essential, especially when it is foggy allowing oncoming traffic to see you.

If you want to turn your motorcycle into one with killer looks and performance, the Buell HID conversion kits will be right up your alley. They can really soup up a bike with many add-ons on offer ranging from engine mounts to axles to giving your bike the look you have always dreamed of.

With Buell HID kits you will usually be given a one-year warranty.  However, make sure you go to a proper workshop to get your bike improvements done.  You cannot afford to have someone do a hatchet job on it destroying not only the bike but the kit materials as well, leading to a lot of money going down the drain.

Buell usually provides a list of specialists who can do the conversion work for you and in any case, reputable motorcycle experts are available online who can turn your bike into a lean mean riding machine.

The company has gained a solid reputation in the US and is a matter of pride for Americans because of it's racing bloodlines. The Buell kits come in all forms and one is even available which will improve comfort by redirecting airflow to reduce the overall heat felt by the rider on the right side of the motorcycle.

The kits are available at all Buell dealerships and it is a matter of knowing what you want before you step in or a salesperson will be gladly willing to help you with what you need.  Prices also vary according to the type of kit desired.

It could have been difficult to do, but by offering the possibility to accessorize, Buell has allowed your bike to be even more sporty and eye-catching.  And as always, prices are reasonable too.


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