Bombardier Hid Conversion Kit

The Bombardier hid kits use plug and play installation.  The ballast mounting plates and hardware are completely corrosion resistant and rust free as they are made from aluminum. This HID system comes with dual mounting options for the strong ballast unit.  The HID system of Bombardier uses plug and play wiring harness.  This relay system ensures that factory wiring is not used to power the HID lights.  This helps in bypassing the factory headlight wiring.  The harness ensures that you will not over exceed the ratings of the wiring which may cause serious damage over time. The wiring systems of the Bombardier HID kits come with wiring, relays and fuses.  The engineers at Bombardier consider Philips as the obvious choice for the ballast set.  This makes the ballast assembly the best for HID system retrofit kits.  The kit primarily houses two direct plug-in Xenon rebased HID lamps, two ballasts, two igniters, and the wiring system.  The low greenhouse gas emissions make the vehicle very environment friendly.

The Bombardier HID headlights produce up to an incredible 5000 lumens and add the loving HID color. The color temperature varies from 4300K (Ice-white) to 6000K (Blue).

The illumination power is for hundreds of feet for the road ahead. The headlight modulator with photocell sensor helps to gain visibility during the dark.  The headlight adapter shims help to keep the bulb pointing straight ahead.  The LED used gives an appealing look to the carrier.  They illuminate faster and can give ten years of continuous use.  The LED also uses very little power, typically about 26mA of current per LED.  The Bombardier HID headlights produce extremely low amounts of heat, are high impact resistant and come in waterproof enclosures.  The HID headlights are 3X brighter and draw about 35 watts of power.      

The Bombardier HID conversion kit incorporates two types of color temperature and six types of headlamps.  It also houses UV-blocking quartz glass.  As a long standing pioneer in the field of technology, Bombardier combines safety, performance and comfort dedicated solely towards the production of vehicles.  These kits come with a good warranty and the product needs to be installed without touching the bulb without gloves, as this will damage the material.  The Bombardier HID conversion kit comes with bi-xenon technology giving rise to dual beam applications by changing the optics.

The light from the Bombardier HID bulbs plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal safety.  The light intensity is also quite high, thus increasing peripheral visibility by up to 70% more than halogen bulbs.  This increases the margin of safety.  The warranty period is almost two years, and the Bombardier HID bulbs last for over 4000 hours. These Xenon bulbs consume only 35W of electricity making them over three times more efficient than halogen bulbs.  It produces 9% more lumens at the same color temperature than the standard xenon ones.  These bulbs are produced according to stringent patent standards and do not compromise on quality.  The light closely replicates sunlight to gain clear visibility during the night.  These bulbs are thus unique in their own form and this is reflected in the craftsmanship. 


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