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BMW R1200ST Hid Kits are the innovative High intensity discharge kits and they produce three times more light when you ride at night. This makes riding more relaxed and stress free for you. You are capable of seeing the road three times better than your old halogen headlights. They are also called xenon kits because xenon bulbs come along with these kits. It augments your bikes light and provides you and other riders safety when on the road at night.

The BMW R1200ST Hid Headlights come in with great benefits and the light produced is very natural as sunlight. This light is so intense and powerful that it results in higher visibility. They produce about three times greater light than the traditional factory bulbs. They are highly durable and electricity consumption is about 35% times lesser. This saves your money and maintenance charge is nil.  But the halogen lights guzzle up higher electricity and are not lasting. They are easily installed and the life span of your battery is drastically augmented.

Brightness and low electricity utilization are the two most commendable and notable benefits of the BMW R1200ST Hid conversion kit. If you want to upgrade your vehicle then go get this as it will bring about a good overall improvement. It will increase your bikes brightness from a halogen to xenon set up by about 300%.

BMW R1200ST Hid bulbs have imbibed the new xenon arc lamp technology. Here an arc is created through high voltage electricity. When electricity is passed through the xenon and noble gases the electrodes gets ignited and bright intense light is blurted out. They are becoming the favorites of many bike owners as it gets more convenient to ride at night and obtain a safer driving experience. But they are just opposite to halogen lighting system where light passes electric energy through a thin tungsten wire element. They get burnt up easily and hence fluctuate in a short span of time.


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