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BMW R1200R

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The BMW R1200R Hid Kits has a hassle free installation and is 100% plug and play. The high end digital parts are capable of giving warning messages to the driver in case of any problem particularly a technical snag. This unit uses an optimum power and generates less heat. The color temperature varies from 6000K to 30000K and has an automatic coolant system to keep the temperature of the unit at an optimum level. The light emitted is 300% more than the halogen lighting system. This kit has a 0.3% failure rate and a high life close to 3000 hours. This assembly is manufactured to be vibration resistant and water proof.

The BMW R1200R Hid Headlights are an outcome of the intelligent lighting system. It has the projector headlight beam unit along with the reflector to determine the pattern and brightness of the beam. A part of the assembly, the condenser lens helps to tighten and focus the beam. The headlights come in chrome, clear and black colors to adapt to the look and feel of the bike. The second differentiating factor in the headlights is the halo ring around the projector. It gives a luxury look to the vehicle.

The BMW R1200R Hid conversion kit is a product of Germany and its intricate parts are made of Philips. The can bus wiring adaptor helps in the relay of signals in case of snags and other problems. It is shock proof and provides one year factory warranty. It consumes around 35W of power and is eco friendly whereby it consumes less fuel and emits less smoke. The wiring harnesses avoid loose contacts thereby preventing short circuits. This entire unit is thunder resistant.

The brightness of BMW R1200R Hid bulbs is approximately 3200 lumens. They have a long life and consume less electrical power.



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