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The BMW R1200GS Hid Kits are manufactured at the factory under ISO certification. It includes a space saving thin ballast, a bulb, wiring and mounting plates. A heavy duty igniter is also a part of this system. The entire assembly is resistant to wear and tear due to inclement weather conditions. The stock wiring is not custom built for this heavy duty light. The life span of this unit is close to 3000 hours and has a one year warranty. The available color temperatures are 3000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K and 30000K.The entire unit is AMP sealed such that there is no leakage of current. The engineers also use high grade wiring harnesses to prevent any short circuit of the components.

BMW R1200GS Hid Headlights has an illumination power to a distance of 300 feet or more so that road hazards can be detected and avoided. Mercury is one of the major components of the headlamp along with xenon which prevents other reactions. The unit works on arc lamp technology capable of producing a stronger light than the halogen ones. The auto switch mechanism helps in producing high and low beams for better visibility. Along with the discharge lamp there is a reflector which determines the illumination pattern and brightness of light.

The BMW R1200GS Hid conversion kit is a very light weight unit and a terrific space saver. The accessories like plugs, moldings and wiring are made of the finest materials which are not only durable but also reliable. There is a two year extended warranty. This entire unit consumes low power and can easily detect and warn against fluctuating current, voltage and temperature.

The BMW R1200GS Hid bulbs are easy replacement xenon bulbs. There are more than sixteen types in this series. The input voltage range is 9V to 18V.The light emitted is light blue to bluish white.



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