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BMW R1200CL Hid bulbs

The BMW R1200CL Hid Kits is of 100% top digital quality and comprises of all digital components. The entire unit is built on can bus system to prevent flickering. The lifetime attained by the use of quality electrical parts is more than 3000 hours. The high grade wiring helps avoid snags between technical connections between the parts. It consists of ballast which can be the standard make or a ultra slim digital one, a light bulb and high voltage circuitry. The time for startup is short and it requires 9V to 16V but at steady state it draws constant power without any fluctuation. This entire unit is vibration resistant which helps in keeping the parts intact.

BMW R1200CL Hid Headlights produce bright white or bluish light. The strong and focused beam lights up the road for 300 feet or more. The bulb in the headlamp does not contain a filament instead they are filled with a mixture of krypton and xenon noble gases. There are two electrodes in the bulb. When a high voltage is applied between the electrodes an arc is formed which vaporizes the gas and solids to emit bright white light. The color temperature ranges from 4300K to 30000K.The headlights also come incorporated with projector and halo design to propagate a more optically focused beam at any time.

The BMW R1200CL Hid conversion kit uses Philips as their brands for the assemblies of its different parts.The entire unit is computerized and plug and play. Some of the advantages are:

1) Over/low current protection

 2) Short circuit protection

3) Voltage output overload/low protection

4) High-temperature protection

5) Thunder resistance-providing high safety.

  The BMW R1200CL Hid bulbs are basically of D2R and D2S type. The latest can bus technology prevents flickering and help it to remain cooler even while emitting strong light.




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