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BMW R1200C Montauk

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The BMW R1200C Montauk Hid Kits are built on latest technology. It brings about a dramatic difference to the look of the bike. The parts have a warranty period of one year and calls for easy replacement in case of defects. It comes with ballasts, bulbs, wiring harnesses, brackets and zip ties. The hardware is made of waterproof and vibration resistant materials which give it a long life. The unit also houses a heavy duty igniter system which makes the whole unit very strong. The optical laser calibration of the parts creates a more focused beam. Manufactured for low power consumption, these kits are capable of generating a superior lumen output compared to halogen lights.

The BMW R1200C Montauk Hid Headlights use bixenon technology for switching between high and low beams for enhanced illumination and peripheral visibility. These also come incorporated with projector head lamps manufactured to exact OEM specifications for easy fit and installation. These headlights come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Being a product of Bosch, Japan, these headlamps are manufactured under strict quality control. Halo projector headlights are the latest trend in all these bikes. The color temperature ranges from 4300K to 30000K and has a greater lumen output than the traditional halogen lights.

The BMW R1200C Montauk Hid conversion kit consumes less power and is capable of running for more than 3600 hours. The illumination power is much greater than stock bulbs. Resistant to wear and tear these kits are more durable than their competitors.  

The BMW R1200C Montauk Hid bulbs consume only 35W of power. It remains cooler even while it is emitting bright light. These bulbs are SAE recommended and DOT compliant. Incorporated with plasma technology these bulbs are capable of producing a brilliant purple low beam and a white high beam. Built upon ion crystal technology these bulbs reduce excessive glare. 


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