R1200C HID Lights


BMW R1200C

This is one bike that anyone who had watched the famous 007 movie featuring Pierce Brosnan, Tomorrow Never Dies, will never forget. Yes, the bike was a treat to watch. This was a cruiser model brought out by BMW in the year 1997. It had very successful run before it went out of production in 2004.


The bike had a raw masculine animal magnetism that swept many men to go for this model while it was in production. Even after six years since it was last produced, you can find many of these hunks on the road, and if you own one of these, then you have every reason to be proud. Moreover here is a piece of good news that will make you bless the moment when you had bought this machine.


BMW R1200C HID kits are finally in the market after such a long wait. For those of you, who do not know, HID stands for High Density Discharge. This is a new technology wherein the BMW R1200C HID bulbs come equipped with a ballast chamber filled with Xenon gas. When high voltage electricity is passed through this chamber the xenon gets heated up and ignites into a brand of light of non-comparable brilliance.


This is light of BMW R1200C HID headlights is five times stronger compared to the light of the ordinary halogen headlights. Moreover, this light is of a whitish texture illuminates a larger area, allowing the driver to spot anything on the road far ahead.

The tinge of the light of BMW R1200C HID conversion kit can be changed from white to Deep blue, just by changing the temperature of the ballast tank. It comes at an affordable price and requires no expert help for installation. In fact, it can be easily done in a matter of minutes. 



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