BMW R1150RT is without any trifle of doubt, one of the biggest machines around the block. Equipped with a rear-top full sized glove compartment, various applications which help with the navigational aspects, a whole entertainment unit which supports digital playback, and various other features, this machine comes as a real treat.

People from a few portions of the world complained that the height of the bike was too much for them to reach the ground while sitting atop the bike, but despite that setback, the motorbike is still one of the most favorite cruisers of most bike aficionados.

To enrich the bike to a step further BMW has recently launched the range of BMW R1150RT HID kits. These kits will make the BMW R1150RT a notch more equipped for long hauls.

The BMW R1150RT HID headlights are superior to the old halogen headlights that it originally came with. In fact owing to the new High Intensity discharge technology, it can discharge a light which is five times stronger than the ordinary yellow light of the halogens.

Within this technology the illumination is produced in the BMW R1150RT HID bulb by passing high voltage electricity through the ballast tank filled with xenon gas, which on getting heated gives out a brand of brilliant white light. This white light as mentioned before is many times more powerful, and that is why it spreads across a greater area bringing a larger space under the purview of the rider. Moreover, the white light also offers a higher visual clarity.

However, performance is not the only thing for which this BMW R1150RT HID conversion kit is so famous. Rather it is even more famous for the designs they come in, which will make your old set of wheels look like some cool machine brought from the future.



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