R1150RS HID Lights



BMW R1150RS was first launched in the year 2002, and has been in production till date. What made this bike so popular were the awesome power that its engine could generate, and the super tight handling which ensured a higher amount of safety at such high speeds. It is a great bike for cross county overnight hauls. The riding position is also quite comfortable, contributing to the cruising aspect of this bike.

Not long back, in order to make this bike safer and more rider friendly, BMW released BMW R1150RS HID kits. These are aftermarket upgrades which once installed, can really change the look of your BMW R1150RS. In fact owing to the futuristic design of the BMW R1150RS HID headlights, your bike will look like a brand new machine, which just got off the rack. Along with the provision of changing the headlight’s light color, these babies just get more and more irresistible.

However, this is not the only reason for which we recommend this to you. As a matter of fact which is already proven the power of the BMW R1150RS HID conversion kits is almost five times stronger than the plain standard halogen lights that are installed on most machines.

What makes these HID lights stand out of the crowd is the color of the light. The color of the light of the BMW R1150RS HID bulbs is white and can be altered to get any color between white and deep blue. It is a very different from the yellow light of the halogen lamps, which allows you see thing with greater clarity.

The HID kit come very cheap and is not hard to install. In fact no expert help is needed; you yourself can do the necessary connections in a matter of half an hour by reading the easy-to-follow manual.



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