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BMW R1150R

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BMW R1150R Hid Kits is an innovative xenon gas technology concept where noble gases along with xenon gases produce astounding white clear light which is about three times more than the conventional lights. The best feature is that energy consumption is less but light emitted is intense and high.

The BMW R1150R Hid Headlights is a technology marvel and the best way to save money, electricity and time. It is a recent innovation of the automobile industry but has in a short span of time gained huge popularity amongst main stream riders. They generate stronger and more natural looking light. It also consumes less power helping you to save money. It is surely a sound investment and has been beneficial for many riders who have to travel at night as it allows them to see farther and better.

If you are thinking of purchasing a BMW R1150R Hid conversion kit then this is a good option as it is a wonderful upgrade many people are opting for it. It will be a great investment in your personal safety. It helps in converting your vehicles regular halogen set up to xenon set up. The energy consumed after installing this conversion kit is very less and lighting is effectively augmented. It also gets more environment friendly vehicle. If you pay proper attention then you will notice that these are a once in a life time investment and highly beneficial for your night rides.

BMW R1150R Hid bulbs are highly efficient and way more advanced than the traditional ones. This innovative hid fixture produces about 6 times greater light than the standard bulbs. The light emitted resembles clear sunlight. It looks white and pure and enhances your overall peripheral vision as well as augments visibility. They play a very crucial role when the weather condition is disastrous or poor. As the produced light is drastically intense, the result is greater luminosity and allows you to reach your destination safely.



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