R1150GS Adventure HID Lights



BMW R1150GS is incomplete without its tag name which is Adventure, somehow the bike cannot be described to the fullest without using this name. This model is essentially for those souls, who have a tendency of going off road. It first came in the market in 1999, stayed for a short span of time and died out in 2005.

However, within this small period it left a mark of its own on the road, which is still not erased. There were some non-standard features of this bike which made it such a favorite among adventure travelers, for example, bigger fuel tank, so that it could for long distances without a refuel, a larger riding screen, heated hand grips, and many other such fabulous features.

 Well for those many proud people among you, who are still holding onto this machine of theirs, there is some good news. BMW has launched BMW R1150GS HID kits, which are superb headlights meant only for your machine.

The big deal about these BMW R1150GS HID headlights is that they use the already-proved better High Density Discharge technology. This technology is the one which makes all the difference.

The BMW R1150GS HID bulbs use a ballast tank, full of Xenon gas, for illumination. When high voltage electricity is flown through this tank the xenon gas heats up and discharges a magnanimous brand of white light, which will almost make you think as if it is sunlight.

Needless to say, the light of the BMW R1150GS HID conversion kit is a lot stronger compared to that of the halogen headlights, and also spreads across a wider area allowing the rider to have holistic view of the scenery ahead. Moreover, the tinge light of the HID headlight can be altered easily from white to anything up to deep blue.  


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