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BMW R1100S

Now this is one bike which really took the name of BMW foraying into the world of bikes. It was the first bike of BMW which enjoyed a lot of popularity, when it came in the market in the autumn of September 1998, and the saga still continues.

At that time it came equipped with the most powerful engine that was there on the block. Despite its few quirky drawbacks, the die-hard BMW fans found the new BMW R1100S almost irresistible. The typical half-covered design, exposed ferocious cylinders, the awesome speed, the comfortable riding position and many more other non-comparable features made this bike the most popular one of that year.

Owing to this huge popularity BMW has recently released BMW R1100S HID kits, for those who have the older versions of the BMW R1100S. These HID kits will surely give your bike the much needed kick that it needs.

HID stand for High Density Discharge. This, although not new, has taken over the world of automobile of late. Most of the new bikes already come equipped with these, and most of the bike lovers are already upgrading their machines to HID.

These BMW R1100S HID headlights with their futuristic design, look incredibly cool, and impart that new age feel to your old set of wheels. Performance wise, they are way more powerful compared to the halogen headlights that you probably still have on your machine, and spread over a higher area, and lets you see miles ahead.

So to sum it up, these babies are not only cool to look at but are superbly efficient as well. BMW R1100S conversion kits come at affordable prices and surely you do not have to sacrifice a lot for them. So before you fall prey to the bandwagon effect, go for them. This is your chance.









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