R1100RT HID Lights



Carrying on the legacy of producing the heaviest boxer superbikes, BMW had launched the new BMW R1100RT. This is the heaviest of the boxers so far. Now, when we say heaviest, we also mean that it is the most stable bike at cruising speed and the easiest to handle, too.

There are many of these mean machines that you will see on the road, even after so many years since it first came into the market. That is why BMW has come up with the all new range of BMW R1100RT HID kits. These are aftermarket upgrades which will surely boost up the performance of your most cherished bike.

Now what is new about the HID?

This is a new technology that has taken over the world of automobile illumination. We think you have already seen a few of these on the road already. Remember the new sports bike with a weirdly cool looking set of headlights sporting a whitish light that made you turn towards it? Yes, that is what we mean by HID.

The technology that is incorporated is known as High Density Discharge, where the BMW R1100RT HID bulbs use xenon gas instead of a traditional tungsten wire filament. When high voltage electricity is directly fed into the gas bulb, it explodes into brilliant beam of light, which spreads across a wider area and has deeper penetrating power which makes it suitable for all weather conditions.

Needless to say these BMW R1100RT HID headlights are far more efficient compared to the set of halogens that you are presently using. On top of this, these BMW R1100RT HID conversion kits consume very less battery power. Do not worry about the installation, expert help is not at all needed. You can easily do in a matter of fifteen minutes.




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