R1100R HID Lights


BMW R1100R

BMW R1100R is one of the fastest bikes from the manufacturer. BMW will ever be very proud of this bike for its features. Both the features to offer the best speed and the security specifications of the bike have been quite satisfactory for the users and hence for the manufacturers as well. In 1993 BMW R1100R was introduced to offer the users the best technological advancement. The BMW’s boxer line was overjoyed by this stupendous inclusion that flourished the market with a very good response of the market.

Once you have all the uncompromising ergonomics and the touring ability of the bike you will never want to put an end to your enjoyable ride. The ZR rated tires, twin 305mm four-pot brakes, a single-pot 276 rear brake and the front suspension with the telelever leave you nothing to ask from you dream rider.

The ultra modern BMW R1100R HID kits are the only requirement of your bike that you never had before. The perfect machine has everything other than these kits. BMW R1100R HID headlight is the dazzling light emitting device that offers your bike a stunning look as well. These world class products are supplied to the retailers after numerous OEM tests. The ISO-9001 companies take the endeavor to produce these devices and offer you the chance to have the advantage of speed night biking with the longer and wider beams of the headlight. BMW R1100R HID conversion kit is the entire system for these lights.

BMW R1100R HID bulbs are used to prepare these headlights. These slim and sleek bulbs are made of xenon gas that emits three times powerful lights than the normal lights. Moreover, the longer and wider beams do not consume much power to offer you the best output. Therefore, it will not be a wise decision if you do not order for these kits even now.


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