R1100GS HID Lights



The BMW Motorrad had brought the sports bike in 1993. The innovative bike had all the advanced features to be one of the front benchers available then. The market popularized the invention and the manufacturers earned a lot of revenue out of the dual-sport motorcycle.

The 1085cc engine of the two-wheeler had a very good response from the bike lovers. It had the very good start and 39,842 models were produced due to the utmost craze of the bike within a small span of six years. In 1999 the manufacturer had the decision to withdraw the sports bike from the market.

However, you can be the proud owner of BMW R1100GS. The modern science has improved a lot and thus presented the market some very important aftermarket add-ons. The advancement that you can avail from these innovative add-ons is important and very stylish for your bike. These are named as BMW R1100GS HID kits. HID means High Intensity Discharge and this is quite evidently applicable for the headlights.

BMW R1100GS HID headlights are capable of emitting three times powerful lights than the halogen headlight that we generally carry in our bikes. Another advantage of having these headlights is the longer and wider beams that are very helpful for the night drives. Once you install the BMW R1100GS HID conversion kits you have the advantage of the most intelligent technology available in the market nowadays.

BMW R1100GS HID bulbs are an integral part of this HID kit. These are responsible for the powerful light emission and the conversion kit can be called the entire system that enables your bike with the three times more effective lights. The ISO-9001 companies take the responsibility to offer you the best quality of these products. HID kits are the only choice of the bikers who want a safe but fast ride.


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