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BMW K1300 Hid Kits installed in your bike can be of immense help as it increases your safety when the condition is bad. They generate enormously bright light which permits your headlights perforate even the thickest of fog, enlightening your way where standard bulbs would fail drastically. The vivid dazzling light also allows oncoming drivers to perceive your vehicle and averts collisions which are quite common during foggy days.

BMW K1300 Hid Headlights are way advanced than the normal headlights found in the market. The new xenon hid headlights are a technology marvel. When electricity passes through a set of xenon and noble gases and arc is produced between two electrodes. After the arc is formed high intense light is emitted which generates less heat and greater energy. Here energy is used in the right way without causing waste.

The BMW K1300 Hid conversion kits contain xenon bulbs and ballasts which act as a power convertor. It changes your normal headlights of 55 Watts to 35 Watts. They are very easily installed and only mounting the ballasts and plugging them is needed. This system highly increases your security when you ride in poor weather conditions like thick fog or dark night. They can move through the thickest of fog and illuminate the way for you. You will be able to see hundreds of yards ahead and save you and others from collision or hazardous situations.

The automobile technology has reached far ahead and every now and there new upgrades are being produced. One such important component for your bike is the BMW K1300 Hid bulbs emit high intensity performance. With so many people working late and having night jobs, the need for a consistent, safe and intense light system is getting very vital. So the new xenon technology present in these bulbs helps you to see clearly and tremendously increases your visibility.



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