K1200RS HID Lights




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When it comes to mileage, you do not need to look beyond BMW K1200RS. Another quality that works wonders for this bike is the reliability factor that comes with it. It has a solid and sturdy structure that has the ability to withstand rough and uneven roads.


The BMW K1200RS Hid conversion kit is another attractive feature of the bike which you cannot afford to overlook. The BMW K1200RS Hid headlights use xenon bulbs which are much brighter than the normal ones and lasts much longer. The amount of light the BMW K1200RS Hid bulbs emits is equal to more than three times that of a traditional halogen bulb. These bulbs have the ability to flood the entire area where you are driving. Therefore you will not have a problem recognizing oncoming vehicles or other obstacles on the road while driving at night. This can prevent you from being a victim of road accidents and other such unfortunate incidents. You also do not have to worry if the weather plays spoilsport and becomes full of fog. These lights will ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey.


The BMW K1200RS Hid kits are totally water resistant. Even if you submerge the whole thing completely in water, it will not make a difference to its efficiency. It will continue to function flawlessly and effectively. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about water blocks on the road or heavy rainfall.


The BMW K1200RS Hid kits are 100% plug-and-play. That implies there is no need of any kind of cutting. The kit comprises of two bulbs as well as two ballasts, one for the high beam and the other for the low one. These kits are tested thoroughly to ensure they maintain the high standard they are known for. They also come with a warranty period of one year.





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