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The one thing that differentiates BMW G650X from the rest and sets it apart is the reliability factor. The bike is best suited for everyday use and can easily withstand the regular drills. However, that does not imply it has compromised on style. It has a striking appearance which is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It is not at all difficult to manage as it is light weighted. It consumes less fuel and comes at a really affordable price.


The BMW G650X Hid conversion kit is another attractive feature of the bike that you cannot afford to overlook. The BMW G650X Hid headlights use xenon bulbs that are much clearer and brighter than the standard ones. The amount of light the BMW G650X Hid bulbs emits is more than three times that of a conventional halogen bulb. That means you can clearly see any approaching vehicle or other impediments on the road while riding at night. This can prevent you from being a victim of unwanted accidents or other such unfortunate incidents on the way. Therefore, you can have a safe and comfortable journey.


The BMW G650X Hid bulbs are better equipped to deal with vibrations and bumpers that you often encounter on the way. They are also water resistant. Even if you submerge the whole thing in water, it will not make a difference to its performance. It will continue to operate with the same amount of efficiency.


The BMW G650X Hid kits are 100% plug-and-play. That means there is no need of any cutting. These kits have to go through strict quality control checks before they are considered fit for use. This is done to ensure they maintain the high standard they are known for and there is no compromise in terms of performance. They also come with a warranty period of one year.








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