F650CS HID Lights



The BMW F650CS is a city/street motorcycle also known as the `Scarver’, a combination of street and carver, a clear indication of this German bike’s performance capabilities.

A bike of this sort can always do with an upgrade so why not go in for a BMW F650CS HID conversion kit. It can be easily ordered online and you are guaranteed the lowest prices and can choose from BMW F650CS HID kits, including with digital ballast.

Al, the kits come with everything you will need to get things going, including an easy-to-follow instruction manual. This allows installation in a matter of minutes and you will not need to have a mechanic do the work for you nor will you have to take your bike to an expensive BMW dealership to get the job done. You can do the work yourself in you garage or in your driveway.

With BMW F650CS HID headlights, your visibility will be greatly increased. You will be able to see longer stretches of road as the light will cover 70 percent of the area while regular halogen lights only offer a fraction of that amount. At night and in bad weather, you will be able to see clearly and be seen as well, which is critical if you are a bike rider.

The lights mean your chances of getting into a head-on collision are substantially reduced as there is no way oncoming traffic can miss you. In wet weather conditions, you will not have to worry about your lights being soaked with water and subsequently fusing as they are guaranteed waterproof. There will also be no damage to your headlight mount.

The powerful xenon BMW F650CS HID bulbs are much more durable than the regulation halogen variety and offer three times the visibility. Replacement, in the small chance anything happens over a one-year warranty period, is free.




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