Hid Conversion Kit For BMW

The Hid kits for BMW are quite superior to others.  They offer one of the largest selections of colors.  It ranges from 3000K-12000K and you can get the exact look you want.  It is built using a reliable technology and is purely digital.  We give a one year warranty on our HID kits, with immense customer satisfaction allowing them to stand behind their products.  The unique ultra soft triple layer weather proof rings protect the electrical connections from rain, snow and dirt resulting in more trouble free operation and avoidance of short circuits.  The wiring harness of the kit draws power directly from the battery and not from the factory headlight wiring.  In this way safety is ensured.   Hid kits for BMW feature xenon conversion kits as their top-tier lighting upgrade.

HID headlights are the latest technology in automotive lighting. Beemer HID headlights use rebase technology ensuring 100% correct focal point after rebasing.  These headlights have three times the light output and almost ten times the life of the halogen lights.  The power consumption is also low.  These bikes also come with HID fog lights for better visibility during rain and snow.   D2S bulbs were originally created for BMW and these vehicles were the first to use projector headlamps.  The bulbs used in HID headlights for BMW are also very easy to replace.  The light also closely replicates sunlight.

The HID conversion kit for BMW is complete and comes with all the hardware.  It embeds the H13 dual beam bi-xenon replacing the halogen unit and retaining the hi and lo beam functions.  The HID conversion kit also uses a 50W boost kit for the original Xenon systems.  The kit consists of two pulse starter units and two ballast units.  These two units are quite compact and do not occupy much space.  This Xenon HID technology also brings in an eye catching appeal.  The HID conversion kit is made from OEM grade materials.  The quality Xenon components are designed to meet stringent quality standards.  The entire hardware system is aluminum plated.  This system includes two mounting options, they are a ballast mounting plate and a Velcro mounting plate for easy removal and reinstallation. 

The HID bulbs for BM are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle.  They can last for approximately 2500 hours.  These bulbs draw less current and produce three times brighter light than the halogen system.  BMW primarily uses D2S HID bulbs.  These bulbs burn at 5000K producing a white light.  Some models also have 6000K and 8000k to achieve bright white light with a purple or bluish hue.  HID bulbs are designed to be environmentally safe, in fact they are 100% mercury free and have good illumination power in terms of lumen level.  As there is no filament to break, bumps and shocks cannot damage the bulb.  The bulb is also very easy to install.  The OEM color in BMW is 4300K and the bulbs used in fog lights run at 5400K.


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