1200GT w HID Lights


BMW 1200GT

The BMW 1200GT sport touring bike is huge and is built for long excursions on the road. Fully loaded it is perfect for riding down long and deserted stretches of highway.

With the addition of BMW 1200GT HID headlights, your visibility down the said stretches will be substantially enhanced making riding a smoother and safer experience. Whether it be in bad weather or on dark patches of road or highway, you will not be missed by traffic coming the other way substantially reducing your chances of getting into a head-on collision.

Installation using any of the many BMW 1200GT HID kits on offer is a very simple process and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can do the work yourself without having to call in the services of an expert to help you do the job as all kits come with easy-to-follow manuals.

The powerful xenon BMW 1200GT HID bulbs will allow you to see for more than a mile ahead of you meaning you will be alerted well in advance in case of any obstacles or traffic signs. HID lights are important, especially to bikers, as they need to be seen clearly at night. The bulbs are more powerful and last longer than the regulation yellow bulbs by three times in both instances.

Addition of the lights also will give your bike a fantastic look at night greatly influencing its looks. All kits are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards in ISO-certified facilities by the biggest names in the business.

By investing in a BMW 1200GT HID conversion kit, you will save a lot of money in the long run in terms of maintenance. The HID bulbs with their longevity mean they will not have to be replaced any time soon and you can ride along in safety on the highway without having to worry about them flickering out.


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