Bimota HID Conversion Kit

The Bimota HID kits uses a lighting technology that causes an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in a sealed bulb. It does not use a filament.  The components of these HID kits are resistant to road vibrations and are very durable.  These kits produce three times brighter and more consistent light increasing the comfort of the driver.  These kits have a long life and do not need to be replaced for the entire life of the vehicle.  The power consumed by these kits is 35% less than other normal kits available in the market.  This accounts for production of less heat during operation. The xenon lights in the Bimota HID kits give a new look to the vehicle in an easier and affordable way.  The ballasts used are 100% digital resulting in a more reliable technology compared to the analog systems.

The Bimota HID headlights are a part of a dual beam system. These headlights overcome many of the limitations faced by incandescent headlights. This system consists of a discharge lamp, a reflector and its electronics.  They are brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient.  The HID headlights are brighter and bluer than conventional halogen ones.  These have the capacity to switch between high beam and low beam illumination systems.  The Bimota HID headlights are designed in such a way that they can reduce glare and photostress.In this way they can overcome the highway glare problem as the headlights come with a polarizing filter. The headlamp brightness is caused by fixed and switching analyzer systems. The heat production is also less compared to the older conventional systems. In this two bulb system, low and high beams can be obtained.

From the time Bimota was founded in 1973, it has always concentrated towards building high quality HID conversion kits. Based on your model information they build the best xenon setup available.  These kits are manufactured under strict quality standards in certified factories.  The components of the Bimota HID conversion kit like the ballast and the burner go through rigorous OEM specific tests.  Bimota is not only the manufacturer but also the consumer. You can also choose the digital slim kit over the standard ballast kit.  The digital system of the Bimota HID conversion kit is a much neater and a smaller package.  They are quieter, cooler and more efficient.  They also offer the best warranty over other competitors.

The Bimota HID bulbs come in various packages. They are telescopic and bi-xenon kits apart from single beam and high-low forms. The bulbs also come in various sizes.  Compared to halogen bulbs, the HID bulbs have a longer life, greater durability, and can withstand high amounts of vibrations and shocks.  The light from these bulbs cover almost 70% of the road resulting in better vision.  The outer glass of the Bimota HID bulbs should not be touched with a bare hand or allowed to come in contact with grease, oil or other liquids as this will create a hot spot and shorten the life of the bulb.


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