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Arctic Cat Hid Conversion Kit

The HID kits for Arctic Cat are unique in their own form. The ballasts are of German engineering and have a lifetime comparable to factory OEM specification systems. The light bulbs of Arctic Cat HID kits go through extensive tests for quality and reliability. The products come with various color temperatures to suit your need. The Arctic cat HID kits also come with xenon technology. These HID kits are really easy to install. They are very adaptable to the plug n play ballasts. When you install the Arctic cat HID kits, people will notice you from far away. These HID kits are definitely superior to others. 

A motorcycle has a much lower profile than a car. This is one of the reasons why there are so many road accidents involving motorcycles. Arctic Cat HID headlights have great potential for application in motorcycles. These headlights are brighter than normal lights, not as glaring, and allow road users to see much more clearly at night. Some of these headlights also use xenon. The Xenon HID headlights in motorcycles adds greater visibility to the drivers. The Xenon HID headlights emit brighter and whiter light which makes them easier to distinguish from background lights and other objects. This helps the driver to take necessary precautions and avoid collisions with other vehicles. The Arctic cat HID headlights emit natural light which accurately replicate the spectrum of natural light compared to the halogen lighting system. As the human eye is more accustomed to natural light this enables the rider to gain better visibility during the dark. The HID headlights of the Arctic cat range are also very affordable and easy to replace.

The Arctic cat HID conversion kit is a revolutionary concept in automotive light that produces three times more light on the roads compared to the halogen lighting system. There is a tube of xenon gas and small amounts of other noble gases placed between two electrodes of high voltage.  This entire process occurs inside a tube. When the electrodes are activated a bright bluish/white light is emitted. High quality German made ballasts are used in the regulation of flow of electricity providing a non-fluctuating high intensity beam.

There are various advantages of an Arctic Cat HID conversion kit:

1) This HID conversion kit is completely plug and play.

2) These conversion kits help to save a lot of power. They only consume 35W of electricity making them over three times more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.

3) These kits have a life span of about four years and they are totally maintenance free.

The Arctic Cat HID bulbs emit bright white or bluish light. They provide better illumination to the motorist than other kinds of light. The light color being close to day light adds to greater visibility. The Arctic cat HID bulbs have a longer service life and better durability. An ultraviolet absorbing hard glass shield is incorporated into the bulb design. These bulbs take care of the improperly focused beam patterns compared to traditional systems. This accounts for producing a robust and safe beam pattern.


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