High intensity discharge (Aprilia HID headlights) lighting does not use a filament that is commonly found in normal automotive or motorcycle light bulbs. These bulbs are particularly filled with Xenon gas. The gas is ignited and creates an arc of light from the high voltage. The amount of light output is three times a standard halogen bulb.

A ballast is usually required to start the lights burning because the light units typically need 30 amps or so at startup. If the lamp was started without a ballast, the motorcycle’s electrical system would be damaged.

If you own an Aprilia bike you should be proud of possessing this brand. The Aprilia family has the best lineup of HID lights. The Aprilia HID bulbs are unique in their own form and are usually contained in a lamp. This helps in illuminating the road ahead of the vehicle. These bulbs use HID light sources and produce more light for a given level of power consumption. These bulbs can produce a more robust beam pattern. The average service life of these bulbs is 2000 hours compared to between 450 and 1000 hours for a halogen lamp.

Disadvantages of ordinary halogen lamps:

Due to their high intensity and unusual color temperature they can blind or enrage oncoming drivers. In this way the road safety is decreased resulting in increased head on collisions.

Some of the HID headlamp bulb types D1R, D1S, D2R, D2S and 9500 contain the heavy metal toxic mercury. The disposal of mercury containing vehicle parts is increasingly regulated throughout the world, for example under US EPA regulations. The Aprilia HID bulb designs D3R, D3S, D4R and D4S which have been produced contain no mercury.


The HID bulbs used by Aprilia do not lack backward compatibility. These lamps have perfect luminosity distribution. HID specific optics are used to collect and distribute the light

It has also been proven that Aprilia HID headlights burn at a higher temperature that gives them the white blue appearance.

The Aprilia HID conversion kits are not just automotive kits split into two. There are many special features built into the system. Special features of the system include plug and play wiring harnesses. Special vibration resistant ballast made for motorcycles. There is also six feet of wiring between the bulb and ballast instead of using eighteen inches to allow for various mounting options. A heavy duty and weather proof igniter system is also present.

What are the outstanding features available with the Aprilia HID conversion kits?

1) Super brightness: The luminous flux and brightness are increased by 500% as that of the halogen tungsten lamp. This enables the lamp to radiate to a farther and a wider place.

2) Good color temperature: The color temperature is approximately between 4300K-12000K compared to 3000K for halogen lamp. The best choice would be 6000K which is close to sunlight and comfortable to our eyes. This also facilitates safe driving.

3) Low power consumption and high efficiency: The power of Xenon metal halide lamp (35 watts) for vehicle is only around half of tungsten halogen lamp but emitts 5 times the light.

4) Quick start up: Halogen lamp takes about fifteen minutes while HID lamp takes less than 0.001 second to start up and it can reach 85% full light in 1 second. It takes several seconds for stabilization for hot-restrike. For pulse-start it takes 10-20 seconds.

5) Extremely long life: The life span of the bulb is equal to that of a car. The service life is at least 3000 hours.

The Aprilia HID kits are unique in their own form. The HID kits convert your motorcycle to a xenon light system. These kits are easy and affordable. The Aprilia HID kits produce three times brighter light than halogen lamps. The illumination power is so high that it gives greater visibility to drivers during night time. These kits also consume 35% less power and also generate less heat.


Aprilia Hid Kit Conversion

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